Assam Congress launches state-wide agitation against BJP’s Petrol Tax Loot

Providing stellar momentum to its state-wide campaign, the Assam Pradesh Congress Committee on Sunday, launched agitations across all districts to protest against the stupendous petrol price hike.

Displaying phenomenal co-ordination, top Congress leaders including former Union Minister and AICC General Secretary Mukul Wasnik, APCC Chief Ripun Bora, Campaign Committee Chairman Pradyut Bordoloi, Manifesto Committee Chairman Gaurav Gogoi, CLP leader Debabrata Saikia, Publicity Committee Chairman Rakibul Hussain and All India Mahila Congress President Sushmita Dev led the protests from different districts across the State.

“The base price of petrol is Rs 33.46 per litre and that of diesel is Rs 31.82 per litre. However, the common man is forced to pay Rs 87 per litre for petrol and Rs 82 per litre for diesel in Assam. The BJP is simply looting the people at the name of taxes,” said Ripun Bora while addressing the protests in Hojai.

“Why is the BJP Govt hiding the knowledge of price control policies for price rise from the public? Why not come out clean and let people know why are decisions being enforced on them?” Bora asked in a Tweet.

Pradyut Bordoloi also took pot-shots at the Sonowal government that increased the price of Petrol and Diesel disproportionately in Assam.

“I would simply like to ask BJP Govt- on what basis does it decide the petroleum prices every day? What is the explanation for subjecting people of Assam to this cruelty,” asked Bordoloi, in his Tweet.

“BJP Govt is mercilessly looting the public with hiked fuel prices- especially during a raging pandemic! On behalf of the people of Assam, I want to ask why this hike in petrol & diesel prices when international crude oil prices are low,” said Gogoi in his Tweet.

“The common man is burdened by price rise, so will the BJP Govt clarify whom it is busy levying tax for? Who is this govt favouring at the expense of making people suffer so much,” asked Debabrata Saikia in a tweet.

“My straightforward question to BJP Govt is- why this apathetic attitude specifically towards Assam & other north east states, where fuel prices are higher compared to other parts of the country! Why this step motherly treatment towards us,” asked Publicity Committee Chairman Rakibul Hussain while addressing the protest.

“The so called ‘double engine’ BJP Govts are fooling the people of Assam. Reducing Rs 5 on Petrol-Diesel just before elections in Assam is a hoax! Reality is the Modi Govt at the Centre has increased tax to favour their Corporate friends,” said Sushmita Dev, while addressing the protest.

The Assam Pradesh Congress Committee, while expressing their concerns, questioned the incumbent Party as to, why it is not providing relief to consumers and rapidly increasing excise duty, why are facts of BJP’s economic policies in the State, not made transparent to the public?

“First BJP inflicts abject price rise on the people of Assam, then continues to hike fuel prices to deepen the blow- is this remotely worthy of being called governance? Why is BJP torturing the common man so bluntly,” asked Media and Communication Chief Abdul Khaleque in a tweet.

Expressing solidarity with the Congress-led agitations, the common people also raised placards with thematic coherence throughout the state. The people questioned the BJP about its indifference towards the plight of the people, adding to their abject misery under the saffron rule.

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