Strayed adult male Rhino from Kaziranga immobilized and taken to Assam State Zoo

An adult male Rhino that strayed out from the Kaziranga National Park & Tiger Reserve is finally immobilized and taken to Assam State Zoo for observation.

The megaherbivore that moved out of Park on 16th January at Jakahalabandha area of Kaliabor, was successfully guided inside the Park. On 18th the Rhino crossed the River Brahmaputra and travelled to Dighali, Jamuguri and Sootea.

Today on 19th January, the Rhino is successfully immobilized at Bamunipam.

Park Director, P Sivakumar, IFS expressed his gratitude to tolerant and cooperative local people including residents of Bamunipam village, Civil Administration and Police Department of Nagaon, Biswanath and Sonitpur, Biswanath Wildlife Division, Eastern Assam Wildlife Division, Sonitpur East (T) Forest Division,  Sonitpur Social Forestry Division, Nameri Tiger Reserve, State Zoo team, Veterinary Doctors (Dr. Samsul, Dr. Debobrata Phukan and Dr. Deepak Sarma) and Shri Kaushik Baruah for their enthusiastic support in the operation.

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