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‘Media’ is considered as the fourth pillar of democracy. But in recent times, it seems the strength of this pillar is withering. Discussing this topic one fine evening, we came to a common consent of initiating an independent media portal where we will primarily concentrate on the issues of common people that matter. After debates and discussions, we finally launched our portal amidst this pandemic emergency.

Ours is a cosmopolitan team, comprising of journalists, business-humans, techies, activists and many more. As most of us come from the common age group of 90s born, we came up with the name of Midage Media for our venture.

We have been constantly debating amongst ourselves before each and every exclusive we publish. We believe in covering people’s stories and have been covering them readily. We are based out of Guwahati presently and are using the concept of citizen journalism to spread our roots in the tough and neglected zones of this unison of states. We believe in equality and the culture of questioning and have been trying to incorporate them in all the stories we report.

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We believe that media has got an important role in ensuring proper social justice to the citizens of this unison of states. In less than two months of our formal inception, we proudly claim these as our few achievements amidst this lock down:

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As firm followers of the Constitution, we believe media can be infused with quality once and only when it is independent. Presently we are having no source of funding and are solely dependent on our fast exhausting personal investments. We are truly dedicated to neutral and meaningful reporting and look forward for your support for survival of ours and reporting people’s stories.